Pakistan Medical Association (PMA)

The Pakistan Medical Association (PMA), established in 1948, is the single largest association of doctors and medical practitioners in Pakistan. They are grouped together for the sole purpose of protecting the rights of doctors and elevating the standard of healthcare across Pakistan.

Safeguard, with the mission to instill outstanding hygiene habits amongst children across Pakistan, joined hands with PMA around two decades back.  Ever since, both the organizations have been jointly working towards the spread of healthy hand-washing habits amongst Pakistani children and grownups alike. In 2004, Safeguard, with the collaboration of the Pakistan medical association (PMA), introduced its Sehat-o-Safai School Education Program. The program aims to establish a change in children's hand washing habits by empowering them with knowledge about health and hygiene, and proper hand-washing techniques. The program is the single largest private sector education program on health and hygiene and to date has empowered over 10 million children with health and hygiene education in thousands of schools across Pakistan.

Pakistan Medical Association has tested Safeguard and endorses its efficacy to remove and inhibit germs that may cause skin infection and perspiration odor.