Our Achievements

Safeguard has won many awards and gained a great deal of recognition from medical professionals over the years. But our greatest achievement, and the one we’re most proud of, is the fact that more mothers around the world trust Safeguard to protect their family against germs than any other brand. Here are some of the other achievements we’re most proud of:

Global Achievements:

  1. Safeguard is available in 15 countries and counting, and is the number one antibacterial soap in China, Mexico, and the Philippines.
  2. Safeguard helped create “Global Hand Washing Day,” a worldwide program with hand washing education activities in more than 80 countries.

Achievements in China:

Safeguard is helping to build a “Great Wall of Health” through hand washing education and hygiene infrastructure in schools. We are on our way to educating 100 million children by 2015.

Achievements in Mexico:

Safeguard, known as Escudo in Mexico, was the only brand endorsed by the Mexican Red Cross when the H1N1 flu pandemic hit hard, forcing the closure of most public facilities in Mexico City.

Achievements in the Philippines:

Philippines: Safeguard has partnered with the Department of Education and UNICEF to educate more than two million children on the importance of hand washing.

Achievements in Pakistan:

  1. Pakistan: Safeguard has worked with doctors to launch the largest private sector health and hygiene program in the country, reaching more than four million children. The results of the program are impressive, with the incidence of diarrhoea dropping to 15% and school attendance rates rising to 86%.
  2. In Pakistan, Mexico, and Philippines the animated series “Commander Safeguard” educates children about healthy hygiene. Commander Safeguard is one of the most popular animated TV shows for children in these countries.